Strategy & Outlook

The company strives to become one of the major players in the Gulf, East African and Asian import-export trade and logistics market.


  • Our Company targets partnerships with the strong firms and develops good relationship with them.


  • Provide a competitive price in our products and services in addition to high quality.


  • To maintain the reputation of the company for giving a high quality and professional services that makes the business expand in the industry.


  • Logistics is an important and growing industry in these regions.


  • These regions are the economic centers in the specific regions and are also developing to become the regional trading hubs.


  • Banadir Gate Company will benefit from the increasing demand for import-export products and logistics services and the expected growth in the local building industries.


  • Banadir Gate Company is going to continue developing its business into the major ports and frontiers in the regions such us Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.