Introduction To The Company

Banadir Gate Company was established in 2004. This company has formed as merger of small companies to exploit the individual synergies. The company has been able to expand transport, logistic services and commodity marketplace in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and South Sudan.


Since 2004, Banadir Gate Company has been a leading force in trading, logistics and transport industry, providing a variety of services to many different companies worldwide. Our dedicated multi-lingual employees constantly strive for perfection in regards to any services need.


We can handle your clearance, transport and logistics efficiently and competitively. We provide the solutions for your service needs.
We offer a wide array of domestic logistic services with a network of offices providing everything from bulk industrial transport to individual cargo to any place in the local markets in Kenya, Somalia,which we are currently operating. We have over 20 trucks in Kenya and Somalia with total capacity of 560 metric tons per trip.


Since 2007 the company has provided logistical services to the United Nations World Food program (WFP). Under this contract, the company delivers food and non-food items from overseas point of departure to WFP’s warehouses in Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.


Due to its extensive experience and the trust it has built during the course of its business it has earned the company reputation among its clients. Our logistical and distribution capabilities have made us the choice of logistical service providers by international non-governmental organizations and local non-governmental organizations in the region.


We have active trade section in South Sudan, our three stores in Juba – Malakia and two in Godule offers Construction materials, such as cement, steel, wood, metal and sheets. We have taken a customized, single sourced approach to our Services by offering our clients a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those logistic and trade services that are most beneficial them.


Finally, although we recommend best practices, we do not dictate how our Services and Product will be implemented, but rather we customize them to fit the customer’s needs.